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Course Location

The Course is located just west of Kirk Road in Geneva, directly behind the Fox Valley Ice Arena.  For the purpose of GPS navigation, use the Ice Arena address at 1996 S. Kirk Road, Geneva, IL  60134. 

Spectator admission is $5 per adult, $1 per high school student, and free for under 14.  All revenue goes to support the operation and maintenance of the Course.


Spectators can park in the Kane County Cougars' Lots B and C, as shown on the map at the right.  These lots are accessible from Kirk Road; enter at the Cherry Lane stoplight near the ballpark and proceed south to Lots B and C.  Do NOT use Lot A or the parking areas close to the ballpark.  There is no charge for spectator parking.

Course Map C.jpg
Course Access

Follow the blue line on the map to get from the parking lots to the Spectator Entrance.  It is about one-third of a mile from the parking lot to the Start/Finish area.  There is a significant hill getting from the parking lots up to the Course.  We have a golf cart at the bottom of the hill to provide a ride for spectators who need assistance.  There is NO ACCESS to the course at the former entrance off of Cherry Lane. 

Handicap Parking

There are seven handicap parking spaces close to the Start/Finish area.  The entrance for handicap parking is from Fabyan Parkway; enter at the Settler's Hill Golf Course, keep to the right, and follow the red line on the map to the top of the Course.  The handicap parking spots are clearly marked.  Only vehicles with a state-issued handicap parking placard will be permitted to access the Course via this road.  For the safety of the athletes, this access road will be closed 15 minutes prior to the first race, and will remain closed until the last race is complete.  Only emergency vehicles will be allowed on the access road during the meet.


There are porta-potties in the area behind the starting line.  There is one handicap accessible porta-potty.

Inclement Weather

In the event of a thunderstorm or other severe weather, spectators should exit the Course via the blue line on the map and return to their vehicles.  Spectators may also seek shelter in the lobby of the Fox Valley Ice Arena, which is shown on the map in the lower right.

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